CyVis Software Metrics Collection, Analysis and Visualisation Tool

The Default GUI - Project View

The tree structure in the left shows all the packages in the project. ON the right you have the toolbar, chart panel and the table that displays the metrics. The chart panel displays a project level chart i.e. displays all the packages in the project.

Package Level View

The package level view shows all the classes in the package. Each of the vertical bars represents a class in the package. The metrics in the table also changes to reflect that particular package.

Class Level View

The class level displays just a simgle vertical bar representing the class. This bar is subdivided to represent the methods in that class. The methods are color coded to represent their complexity. The complexity range and the colors a customizable.

The Tool Bar

  1. Moves to previous view
  2. Go one level up (i.e. if you are in class level to package level or from package level to project level)
  3. Moves to next view.
  4. When relative is selected all the classes in a package are shown as having the same size, whereas the absolute view displays the classes in relation to one another. This diagram shows the two views in package level.
  5. Lets you zoom in and out.
  6. Just Legend.

Absolute Vs Relative View

The two images below show the relative and absolute view in package level. The two images show the same package's metrics. But the absolute one is drawn according to the actual size of the classes, with the biggest class in the package placed first. Also note the color coding fot the methods. Isn't it easy to see which method is complex :) Logo