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CyVis Features

  • 100% Java Application with Java 1.5 support
  • CyVis supports all applications written in Java 1.5. As of now there seems to be no syntactic changes in java 1.6, therefore, CyVis will support java 1.6 too.

  • Collects Metrics from class files & jar files
  • Don't have the source, what do I do? How can I Use CyVis? No Problems :) CyVis collects metrics from class files or jar files; therefore there is no need for the source.

  • CyVis Ant Task
  • Another exciting feature is that you can integrate CyVis with your build scripts to generate reports. You could make the build to generate reports on your code’s complexity every time you make a build. Read this document to find how this can be done.

  • Multi-threaded
  • The extraction of metrics from your class files is multithreaded to increase performance.

  • Command Line option
  • More comfortable with the command line? No problem, CyVis can be run through command line as well.

  • Capable of Batch Processing
  • A majority of times it so happens that you want to include classes and jars from various locations. This can be quite a pain if it is to done again and again. We have a solution! Simply list the absolute paths of all the jars and/or classes required in a simple text file and add that file to your project. Look here to see how this can be done

  • Detailed Metrics at Project, Package and Class Levels
  • The metrics collected from the class files or jar files are displayed at three levels: Project Level which holds metrics of all packages, Package Level which holds metrics of all classes and Class Level which holds metrics of all methods

  • Metrics shown in tables and colour coded charts
  • For better visualization, the metrics are displayed as colour coded charts. Additionally the Cyclomatic Complexity ranges and the colours that denote them are fully customizable.

  • HTML & Text Reports generation, or raw metrics export in XML format
  • CyVis stores metric data in a hierarchy (of Objects like in XML) and depending on the sort of report you want, it can generate HTMLs or Text based reports. We also provide the option to output data in its raw XML form itself.